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After years in the making, Lines V is finally almost here!

Each preorder will include:

-New Lines V Book

-Limited 5x7 Mystery Print (Available ONLY with this preorder)

-Free Shipping in USA




The fifth and likely last edition to my Lines book series. Featuring hundreds of my favorite drawings from the last few years. Refined and carefully arranged together for maximum efficiency and viewer enjoyment. I'm confident this will be the best edition of the Lines series yet.

If you have enjoyed any of my other Lines books, I guarantee you'll love this one.


Artist: Joel Janiszyn

Lines V Book PREORDER (Includes Limited Print & Free Shipping)

Estimated Ship Date - 04/20/2024

    -Printed on heavy card stock pages for extra longevity and a premium feel
    -Features hundreds of my favorite designs
    -Over 60 pages
    -Wire binding
    -All traditional designs

    These designs are to be used for artistic reference and inspiration. Do not copy these designs for any reason.

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