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Decorating the Christmas tree every year is always fun but here is something to make it even more enjoyable!

High quality, handmade tattoo flash ornaments from Blood Feather are now available for this holiday season.

These tiny framed tattoo flash prints are ready to be displayed right out of the box and are printed with the same unbeatable quality and materials as all Blood Feather prints but made small enough to be able to be displayed on your Christmas tree. Guaranteed to make your Christmas tree look even cooler than last year!


Artist signature included on back of all ornaments

Handmade Traditional Tattoo Flash Sheet X-mas Ornament

  • -Ornament measures 2.5 in (w) X 3 in (h) 

    -High quality gold resin frame

    -Premium .005 acetate covers the front to protect print

    -Unbeatable print quality. Printed on the highest quality heavyweight cotton paper

    -Free shipping on orders over $99 in USA

    -Artist: Joel Janiszyn

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